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• Is TDA a professional or hardcore raiding guild?
a. No, we are a casual guild.

• Do you have to be a pledge member to Pantheon?
a. All our members are pledge and VIP level members.

• Do you require activity on the Discord, TS or the guild site?
a. It is mandatory. We are a social guild.

• Do we require everyone to play Pantheon exclusively?
a. We are all over the map until Pantheon gets closer to Alpha and beyond.

• Do we allow afk squatters?
a. Absolutely not.

• What is your age base for the guild?
a. 15 to 75 and all adults.

• What are your rules on raiding?
a. We will be raiding on a schedule as soon as the game goes live. No ridiculous schedules.

• Attendance rules for gameplay?
a. We like to see everyone in game when you can. We all have lives.

• What is the experience level required for membership?
a. We have a wide range of experience with members from the early days of MMO’s. With new people, we have many that will help if it is needed. Experience is not required.

• How are members screened and monitored?
a. We have an active officer corps and the charter is straight forward to follow.

• Is there a requirement for being in TeamSpeak while on?
Yes, for raiding and general game play. We are looking into Discord also. Social guild.

• What is the level of open discussion permitted in team speak.
a. There are families that watch and listen so we keep things under control in TS and all forms of media.

• Do we allow streamers?
a. We have several but they are dedicated to TDA and Pantheon.

• Do you have a specific time zone?
a. We have members all across N. America and Canada to date.

• Do you allow for multi guild status?
a. No, it’s a matter of loyalty.

• Do you have to participate on the Pantheon forums?
a. Not required but most of do.

• Do you have members from other countries?
a. Yes.

• Does TDA have an officer corps?
a. Yess we do have an active officer corps.

• Does TDA support family members?
a. Absolutely!

• Does TDA have a probationary period for new members?
a. Yes we do have we have a 1 month initial probationary period then we have
six month re-evaluation.