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Raid Rules

1. Patience:

Every Member on a raid is expected to have patience with the Raid leader, at times things happen that cannot be predicted or need to be figured out, often it takes time to assemble a valid tactic to accomplish a raid or a pull specific Mob, at no time should you complain about the downtime, because at times it is very necessary. Often the raid leader must be very short about what needs to be done, or may be typing in all caps to overcome the spam or raise his or her voice in Team speak, this is NOT an attempt at being rude, do not take it so, if the leader or more experienced player asks you to cease an action that is disruptive or destructive to the raid you should do so immediately and without question.

2. Coordination:

Every raid will be coordinated by the Raid Leader, it will be made clear at the beginning of the raid who the Raid Leader is. During the Raid at any given time the Raid Leader should be listened to. A great and successful raid requires people to be attentive to all things that are going on around them, at times the Raid Leader may need to give orders, and those should be followed especially in a hasty situation. If you are given an order, follow thru with it and question it's purpose later. At NO time shall you decide to take the raid into your own hands and wander aimlessly just because you wanted to look, you could be responsible for the deaths and subsequent Corpse Run of every person in attendance for your curiosity, remember it is in the best interest of everyone that you stay in the designated area and do not wander unless told to do so.

3. Group Assignments & Group Leadership:

Many times there will be group assignments for raids, when given a group assignment you are expected to form up without argument, a raid is not a social gathering and we cannot place you with all your friends, in order for success it requires specific groups with specific classes for many functions. Group Leaders will be Officers or Senior Members that are assigned by the Raid leader. This will be done to help Officers & Senior members obtain more leadership experience to use the new Group Leadership point system. If there is no Officer present for additional groups the Senior Member in that group will be the Group Leader or as assigned by the raid Leader.

4. Mob Specific Loot:

If a major MOB is killed the RAID LEADER is assigned to the task of checking loot, you will NOT loot any item unless being told to specifically, in terms of gems, cash loot etc., those will be pooled by the designated looter's, until they can be sold. The money from these items will go to reimburse players for reagents used for spells, raid costs, and the guild vault.

5. General Loot:

Loot obtained on a raid will be awarded by the Guild Leader, Raid Leader, and Officers present. We will ask in guild chat who is interested in a reward and will then decide based on merit/attendance who will be awarded item in question. The NEED BEFORE GREED POLICY will be used for Members that will benefit from the Dropped Item's. If you have received a reward recently you may be passed over for another Member, but in some cases the rarity of an item and time served will take precedence, all decisions are final and should not be argued. If you have an issue with a reward, please speak to the Guild Leader or Officers and state your disagreement, at no time should you show disagreement in any form, in open chat over a reward. Alternate characters when used for raids are just that, they are eligible for loot only after all Main characters have been checked, this is just in the interest of fairness for everyone.

6. Primary & Second Assist's:

At every raid a Primary and Secondary assist will be assigned, you are expected to have these Hot Keys Set and present at all raids. You should NEVER attack a mob without using your assist key if you are not the chosen person to assist, only in rare cases will you have to choose a target. If the primary and secondary assist go down it should be decided by an Officer or the highest level tank class who will take over as assist until order is returned. There might be a change to the Assist if a particular area or MOB requires a certain Class or Classes to pull it on a Raid. The Raid Leader will inform those individuals first then the rest of the Raid Members.

7. Raid Time:

Raids will begin at a specified time by the Guild Leader, Raid Leader or Officer who may be in charge of organizing raid. We ask that you please show up at least 15 minutes prior to the specified raid time. The reason for this is to get a head count of who all is coming and will cut down, On down time which effects all members. We ask that you please post in the guild forums under the Raid Schedule informing the Guild Leader, Raid Leader and Officers if you can make the Raid. We understand that some real life issues come up and may cause you to be late or not make it at all. If you miss the pre planned Raid time and Porting point you will be responsible for getting yourself to the raid event. Do not ask for a port from the Guild Leader, Raid Leader, Officers, and Members who are on the Raid Event. This isn't to be take as a punishment to you, its to reduce down time that occurs by stopping the whole event for one person and working out Porting arrangements.

8. Raid Team Speak:

We use Team Speak on our Raids. No one will speak on Team Speak unless asked by Guild leader, Raid Leader or an Officer, This will help maintain an open Team Speak Channel and will keep the confusion down to a minimum as only one Person at a time can send a message across the Team Speak server. More than one person will cause clutter of transmission's and messages will be broken up and vague. Please follow these guidelines. If you do not follow these guidelines you will be booted out of Team Speak Channel for the duration of the Raid.

9. Raid General:

Raids can be fun, exciting and rewarding. We ask that you follow these simple guidelines for everyone's benefit. If a situation arises or a New Rule needs to be added that is not covered under these guidelines the Guild Leader and Guild Council, Officers will make the final ruling in the situation, and will make the best judgment for a fair outcome.