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Guild Rules
These are a set of General Guild Rules and Guidelines that will be expected to be followed at all times by the Guild Council (aka Guild Leader and Officers) and Guild Members. Most of these rules are generalized and will be referred to for dealing with most situations that arise in game, if a situation arises that is not covered by these Rules and Guidelines, the Guild Council shall use the best judgment in dealing with the situation.

1. Respect:

Please treat your Officers, fellow Members and non guild players with respect & courtesy. Treat others the way you would prefer to be treated.

2. Language:

Try to refrain from using foul language or curse with malicious intent in any form of chat. We do have families playing with their children please remember that, someone will recognize you sooner or later.

3. General Chat:

There is absolutely no begging in this guild! Please ask for help if you need assistance with something. After all, that is what a guild is for and why you were offered the option of becoming a Member. We will all do our best to be sensitive to every member's needs. There is a big difference however between asking members for help, and begging them to silent frustration. Just ask and we will see what we can do. Please do not spam excessively in chat. Granted a good shout is necessary on occasions, but please use your better judgment.

4. Alternate Characters & Other Guilds

All members are allowed one main character and unlimited alternate characters in The Dragon Accord. Alternate Characters must be Level 10 or higher to be accepted into guild. We do not accept Applicant's that have another character in another guild. There will be no exceptions to this rule. To be a member of The Dragon Accord you must be un-guilded. If you are found to have another character in a guild, you will be terminated from The Dragon Accord. TDA Loyalty matters to us.

5. Member Responsibilities:

All members are responsible for their actions in game. You are a direct representative of guild policies and behavior. There are many players in game who see you play and judge you and watch your actions and the way you conduct yourself in game. Being a direct representative you are not to go anonymous and/or hide your guild tag. You can however go to role-playing if you are being harassed by players begging you for what ever reason. If you train a group in a zone apologize and offer to find them a rez, if they do not need one sincerely ensure that you apologize and then carry on. If they do not take your apology sincerely enough and begin verbally abusing you, ignore it and do not entertain their complaints. Contact the guild leader or officer and allow them to deal with them or contact a GM. It will be taken care of.

6. Team Speak:

Once Pantheon comes out, if you are in game, it is mandatory to be on TS. We ask that you use common sense and use appropriate behavior as we do have families with younger adults or members that may find certain things offensive. Please keep topics related to the channel you are in.

If you wish to start up a conversation with another member that is non game related please use create channel and create a channel within the server channel. This will ensure on open channel for all guild members to speak on without too many two way conversations going on that would cause confusion.

1. During Guild meetings it is mandatory to attend. If you don’t have a microphone log in and listen. Type any responses in Discord that you may have;
2. Once Pantheon is released it will become mandatory to participate fully (a two way conversation) in TS.

7. Discord Channel:

The use of Discord is mandatory. TDA was founded as a Social Guild and we’ll be using the Discord application to communicate and participate with each other, to build a team cohesion and communicate daily ideas and thoughts at a social level. When you log into Discord it’s expected that you will at least pass on common greetings to the online guild members as well it is highly encouraged that you participate in some sort of discussion as you make your way to your game of choice.

We ask that you use common sense and use appropriate behavior as we do have families and younger adults or members that may find certain things offensive. Please keep topics respectable.

8. General Conduct Guidelines:

Direct your problems to a member of the Guild Council (preferably a Guild Officer first). Follow the guild chain of command. Tell the Officer what the problem or offense is, and take it to private chat, not guild chat. In investigating a report, only private chat is to be used, no open channels. Do not make judgments prior to finding out all the facts.
If a Member is reported for ANY of these offenses you will be asked to explain your actions, and justify them if necessary, if there is not a satisfactory explanation for the said offense, you will be Disciplined by the Guild Council. The rules stated here are subject to change by the Guild Council if a change is to be made or a rule is added, all Members will be notified. Remember we are all here to have fun and progress. Any offense that isn't covered under these guidelines will be subject to the Guild Councils judgment. The secret word is crusader.

9. Probationary Period Guidelines:

When you request to Join the Dragon Accord your accepting a one month probationary period along with a 6 month review. You will be observed by Guild leader Officers and other members. You will be held accountable to uphold the social aspects of our guild. If you are found not logging in communicating with other members and or decide not to engage with other members of our guild your membership status and guild access will be terminated.
TDA prides itself on social interaction and friendships and build bonds with members. If your found to be undermining these principals guide lines or considering usurping the founding principals, leadership and ideals of the TDA you will be removed. A three strike ruling will be applied to all situations. Remember if you have issues or real life situations then we will work with you. If you abuse this and found abusing the Dragon Accords lenience you will be terminated.